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Adam Bien

Adam Bien

(blog.adam-bien.com) is consultant, author, Expert Group Member of the Java EE 6, EJB 3.1 and JPA 2.0 JSRs, Netbeans Dream Team Member and Java Champion.

Adam has been working with Java and J2EE from the beginning (JDK 1.0 and Servlets/EJB 1.0) in many large scale projects. He has edited several books about Java and J2EE technology (”J2EE Patterns”, “J2EE HotSpots”, “Enterprise Java Frameworks”, “Struts”, “SOA Expert Knowledge” and “Enterprise Architekturen”). Now he is involved as architect and developer in Java EE 5 projects and participates in several open source projects. He is working on his new O’Reilly book “Productive Java EE - Rethinking the Best Practices”

Topic: EJB 3.1 - Killing The Top Eleven Myths, Tales and Biases

Session: Java

EJB 3.1 is afflicted with some historical prejudices - so projects look often for alternatives without even evaluating. In this session we will go through the most popular prejudices like, EJBs are:

  1. Heavyweight
  2. Not testable
  3. Not portable
  4. Not extendible.
  5. Slow
  6. Not scalable
  7. Too complex
  8. Hard to integrate with web frameworks / RIAs / POJOs
  9. Hard to configure.
  10. Hard to migrate (from EJB 2)
  11. Hard to develop (heavy dependencies on libraries and slow deployments)

And kill them with …facts source code and samples. Remaining biases will be killed interactively during, or after the session :-).

This session has real world focus - with lot of source code samples and live demos.