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Ivo Jansch

Ivo Jansch - Keynote

Is the CTO of Ibuildings, the company that offers development services, training and consultancy on PHP throughout Europe. He coaches their developers, does consultancy jobs, works with key customers and ‘evangelizes’ PHP in the enterprise. He recently wrote a book on php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development. He’s an active blogger (, PHP community member, and the author of the PHP business framework ‘ATK’. Since November 2008, he has a monthly column on Enterprise PHP in the php|architect magazine.

Topic: TBD

Session: Języki specjalizowane

Scripting languages have come a long way. A significant portion of todays web applications are built using scripting languages. Even though developers from the traditional languages have often claimed that scripting languages are not ‘real programming’, many of these web applications are becoming business critical. With the growth of PHP, Python, Ruby etc., there is also a demand for mature development. In this talk, Ivo discusses ways to improve the development process to create applications that are more robust, have higher quality and are easier to maintain, and show that ‘real programming’ indeed is possible using scripting languages.

The talk covers all relevant parts of the development life-cycle and helps developers and development managers to take their development efforts to the next level.